Paranormal Activity 3 Season 11

Did you see that Ryan?

Oh for crying out loud, seems the cast of American Idol have left their mansion because…wait for it … they think it’s haunted!! Heavens to Murgatroyd. Yep, flying sheets, mysterious spiders and flickering lights were enough to send the singing hopefuls packing. They are now holed up in a hotel refusing to return.  To make matters even more boo-delicious, the lead investigator of the “Ghost Adventures Crew” thinks whatever it is could be demonic and may have been brought on by one of the singers.

Psst Hmm, seems the little poltergeist harassed several past Idol contestants as well! Maybe its not a fan?


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10 responses to “Paranormal Activity 3 Season 11

  1. People need to use Murgatroyd more often.

  2. They’ve even copied american idol in india!! It’s called so creatively, guess what? –> Indian Idol.

    And man does it suck

    • jackass

      Umm… its weird how Indians keep complaining about ‘Indians copying everything’. There are over 42 “spinoffs” of the original idol by the way. American Idol itself is a friggin’ spin-off of the original UK show. And loon didn’t mention the also-sucky (lol) Australian Idol, did he?
      Besides the same organizations are making both the shows, so it isn’t a “copy”.

      ^ And that was me, complaining about how us Indians complain about everything! I couldn’t resist. Le Sigh.

  3. Fairy Face

    Long may it stay!!!!!!!

  4. DUDE! I totally want to fire up my K-2 meter and thermal imaging camera! 🙂

  5. Hulk Hogan and now this. What next? Survivor meets American Idol? They’re really stretching to mix this show up. Maybe they should have William Shatner as a guest judge. He could be the new Simon.

    “After… LISTENING to you… sing that song. I think… you should probably keep your DAY job.”

    Or maybe they can just get Donald Trump to scream “Your FIRED” at them.

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