Chuck Another Shrimp In My Pants

Has someone got a heating pad?

Honey, sweetie, darl, when stealing a frozen bag of shrimp it’s probably not wise to stuff it down your daks. The Pennsylvania man wandered over to the frozen food section of a supermarket and “proceeded to pull the front of his jeans away from his body and deposit one of the bags of shrimp into his crotch area,” Hmm, not a particularly good look. Brian Troy McDaniel then tried to make a run for it but how far can someone run with frozen balls I ask? Oh well, whack retail theft, robbery and simply assault on his bill.


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, They Live Among Us !, Whoops!

6 responses to “Chuck Another Shrimp In My Pants

  1. megagetoverit

    Sue the supermarket…They should have warning on the chrimp packs that putting them down your dacks could see your balls freeze..problem solved…next

  2. megagetoverit


  3. I knew guys who used to steal steaks that way. If only people were aware of where those steaks had been. Whooo!

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