Sad Ending For An Innocent Man

OMG, remember Joseph White who was released from prison in 2008 after serving 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit? Well he died this weekend having been crushed by heavy machinery at a coal processing plant. Mr White was set to marry his high school sweetheart and was waiting for his $500,000 wrongful conviction settlement when the accident happened. In 1986 White and five other men were charged with the rape of 68 year old Helen Wilson.  White was the only one to maintain his innocence while the other men pleaded guilty for a reduce sentence. White was released when recent DNA testing found no matches to the six men. RIP Mr White.

Psst For crying out loud why aren’t all prisoners DNA tested?


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9 responses to “Sad Ending For An Innocent Man

  1. Isn’t it amazing that we’ve spent 15 years debating the right to perform a simple DNA test that could prove or disprove innocence? Sorry, you’ve already been found guilty, you don’t have the right to confirm or refute your innocence through more accurate technology that didn’t exist at the time of your trial.

  2. Yes, very sad. Some people have the worst luck.

  3. Fairy Face

    Poor poor guy! What a horrible waste of his life.

  4. It would cost to much in the wrongful conviction settlement. Wome one has to take the blame.

  5. Sad story. On the bright side for his family he now is entitled to wrongful conviction and wrongful death benefits.

  6. mckilgo

    I went to school w/ Joe & he was a good, hardworking honest man. Tragically he lost his younger brother while he was wrongfully incarcerated.
    Joe never went around w/ a chip on his shoulder over the miscarriage of justice that caused him to lose almost 20 years of his freedom. He kept saying he was innocent & never quit until he proved he was innocent.
    No amount of money in the world could repay Joe for what he lost. It is sad that Joe didn’t even live long enough to enjoy the money that was due him. It could have made his life a little easier without having to work quite so hard.
    Joe’s life is a testament to those who think it could not happen to them. Sometimes INNOCENT people are spending life in prison or on dead row.
    Thankfully Joe did his best to rebuild his life after his release. He was marrying his high school sweetheart next month so at least he had happiness in the last couple years of his life.
    Here is a story & video of Joe in our hometown newspaper taken shortly after he was released from Nebraska:
    They also did a heart-wrenching interview w/ his father since Joe’s death.
    May you now find peace & comfort Joe! Rest in peace my friend! I was proud to have known you.

  7. Techs

    There is an organization that has been paying for DNA testing of people on Death Row across the US. As of 5 or so years ago 50% of those tested where innocent. Several southern states have banned/refused to allow, testing for its deathrow inmates. I believe one state refused to acceept the DNA evidence of innocence for one case. One governer said prisoner was convicted by a jury of his peers and thats good enough.
    When it started DNA tests cost about $1500 eqach. A lot cheaper now.

  8. Fairy Face

    Oh Loon what a sad story. Now presently I’m a bit emotional myself but this is just tragic. How can one person have so much heartache in their lives. $500.000.00 is piss poor money for all that time. I’d like to see those who put him there accept that for 20 years of their lives. My brother is a criminal lawyer and a hard man but he says he hopes they never reintroduce the death penalty here for that very reason. He’ll even tell you the law in Oz sucks.

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