Breast Feeding Doll Anyone?

Debate time…Berjuan Toys have just released “Breast Milk Baby” a breast feeding doll for little girls. Bless. The doll comes with a top that the child can wear which has two flower nipples and a sensor that makes sucking sounds. As you would expect the doll has hit the controversy button. Camp A says …  its a normal part of life and teaches the child that breast feeding is a natural and normal way to feed a baby. Camp B ….WTF, this will encourage young girls to get pregnant. Camp C …. why can’t kids just be kids.


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4 responses to “Breast Feeding Doll Anyone?

  1. Fairy Face

    I be in Camp C and when I had kids I still didn’t breasfeed. So perhaps they have to have CampD for mothers who think that breastfeeding isn’t always the best option. I was a busy woman, no time for demand fed babies. Give them the bottle and prop it up. My kids were huge , both 10 lb born and almost too heavy to hold.
    They both looked like they were three months old at birth and one had two little teeth at 3 months. She would have bitten me lol. My two didn’t suffer being bottle fed.
    The dolls are just a gimmic and I wouldn’t let my kid wear a gadget like that . I think parents that do have something seriously wrong with them.

  2. Definitely in Camp C. If you take that sort of thing to a logical conclusion where does it stop? Birth? Conception? I mean, really!

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