Pam Ayres

Does anyone remember Pam Ayres? I grew up with her poetry and still have her well worn books on my bookshelf. Hilarious Loons, hilarious ….


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8 responses to “Pam Ayres

  1. You don’t happen to know her phone number or address do you?

    Double D

  2. Fairy Face

    I thought she was well… nerdy! lol

    • And you with
      pointed ears,
      lips red
      and hair of sunset fire
      Now if I just knew
      thine eyes

      • Fairy Face

        They are green like emeralds lol

      • emerald green
        If your over 50 I’m heading that way. LOL
        That is if your hubby don’t mind
        your kids say it is okay
        My wife don’t kill me
        My kids say it is okay
        I can get a Pass Port

        Come to think about it
        never mind I’ll just talk to you here
        I have not had my nap today.

      • Fairy Face

        Yep my own eyes are green, I am fair with green eyes and olive skin , no pointy ears though. My age???? Well that’s a tough one. What women would ever admit to being over 50 ?

  3. Fairy Face

    Ah she seems to have mellowed somewhat. Her accent doesn’t seem to be so strong these days.

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