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Embarrassed much?

Oh my, you know what I hate? When you stick a dainty little sequined hat to your head with superglue and have to go to an emergency ward  to have it removed. I really hate that! Poor Shawn Merter not only had to suffer the humiliation of it all, doctors were unable to remove the entire hat, leaving the rim stuck firmly to his scalp.


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Drug mule or stool pigeon?

For crying out loud lady, smuggling 1,000 grams of cocaine in your diapers ain’t no way to go through life. Karen Morla-Ramos (22) from East Boston was caught at the Logan International Airport after she started acting nervous. Authorities gave her a pat down and viola, they found the powder in a diaper-like garment she was wearing.


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Chuck Another Shrimp In My Pants

Has someone got a heating pad?

Honey, sweetie, darl, when stealing a frozen bag of shrimp it’s probably not wise to stuff it down your daks. The Pennsylvania man wandered over to the frozen food section of a supermarket and “proceeded to pull the front of his jeans away from his body and deposit one of the bags of shrimp into his crotch area,” Hmm, not a particularly good look. Brian Troy McDaniel then tried to make a run for it but how far can someone run with frozen balls I ask? Oh well, whack retail theft, robbery and simply assault on his bill.


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Fail, Fail, Fail

OK, here’s the thing lady, when you pay for an online company to do your college assignment don’t be complaining to the Better Business Bureau about them, its kinda cheating. Yep, the student was so peeved when her “custom” written term paper wasn’t delivered on time she dobbed them in to the Watchdog.


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There’s A Bear In There

You know what I hate? When you fall down into a cave and wake up a hibernating bear. I really friggin hate that! Twelve year old Ollie Frisk from Sweden was skiing with friends when he suddenly went off the ski run and flew into a cave containing one hibernating mama bear and her three little cubs. Frisk was mauled by a the pissed off  (but sleepy) mama bear before playing dead. After the now wide awake bear stormed off in disgust  Frisk managed to crawl out and scream for help. Now wildlife experts are concerned for the deserted cubs as mama bear hasn’t returned.


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Richard Simmons Joins Mile High Club

Richard Simmons is the new voice of Air New Zealand…’s enough to make you jump!


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Paranormal Activity 3 Season 11

Did you see that Ryan?

Oh for crying out loud, seems the cast of American Idol have left their mansion because…wait for it … they think it’s haunted!! Heavens to Murgatroyd. Yep, flying sheets, mysterious spiders and flickering lights were enough to send the singing hopefuls packing. They are now holed up in a hotel refusing to return.  To make matters even more boo-delicious, the lead investigator of the “Ghost Adventures Crew” thinks whatever it is could be demonic and may have been brought on by one of the singers.

Psst Hmm, seems the little poltergeist harassed several past Idol contestants as well! Maybe its not a fan?


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Chinese Making Fake Jacob’s Creek

Dear god, the Chinese are now making fake Jacob’s Creek bottles of wine and flogging them to the Brits. Blahaha, haven’t the Aussies been doing that for years? Anywho, the sneaky Chinese counterfeiters are then pouring inferior wine into the bottles and offering it to retailers for £2 each .

Psst So Duncan, the way to know if you are drinking the fakes is to check the labels because there are friggin spelling mistakes everywhere.


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Yeah, About that!

No, everything is cool!

OK, here’s the thing Japanese people freaking over the announcement that 10 million times higher radiation levels were found in water at the Fukushima nuclear plant, it was a mistake. Whoopsie, sorry about that.Tokyo Electric Power said they messed up the readings of iodine and cobalt in the water and are very sorry for the inconvenience and fear it may have caused. So now that is clear, all the Samurai 50 have to do is remove the radioactive water from the four units and find a safe place to store it. Hmm, North Korea?


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