Bigger Than Chernobyl

OK, no one panic, but you know things are bad when Japan orders the world’s largest pump to spray concrete on Fukushima ‘s out of control radioactive rods. To make matters worse nuclear experts are claiming the Fumushima nuclear reactor disaster leaves the Chernobyl one for dead (pardon the pun) and may result in a rewrite of the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents. Dr John Price thinks it could take a hundred friggin years to cool the nuclear rods before they can be removed. Worse still are the rumors the Samurai 50 will all die from radiation sickness within weeks.


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5 responses to “Bigger Than Chernobyl

  1. The Samurai 50 are truly the ones to carry on the tradition that has been in effect for hundred of years. They should have the gratitude of their entire nation – and the world – for what they have done. I understand that the original 50 have now been augmented by another 650 souls.

    • Yes, true heroes, each and every one of them. It is just sad we have to see human spirit at its very best at the very worst of times. I have no doubt that they will be honored not just in Japan but throughout the world.

      • If that happened here, Americans would be saying “See ya!” but not before looting. I haven’t heard of anyone acting terrible in Japan. There probably are a few, but it’s amazing how beautiful their culture is.

  2. Very sad story all around. I hope it’s not as bad as Chernobyl, but at any rate the workers who stayed on during the worst of it certainly deserve to be honoured.

  3. megagetoverit

    Here here yall….Hey Lisa, they are a beautiful people with an interesting culture…no they will not loot as that would be the lowest of low…They just don’t steal from each other…only foreigners do that in Japan…Bless the 50 souls and the many more lost in this the most horific natural and man made disaster in Japan…

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