Munchausen Fail

The grossest thing you will hear all day. A Texas mother has been given 20 years behind bars for putting feces in her 3 year old daughter’s feeding tube while she was in hospital. Good lord! Emily McDonald was caught by a hidden camera after hospital staff became suspicious. The little girl had a history of chronic diarrhea. Blood tests revealed she had a bacteria commonly found in poop (thus the hidden camera). Staff were shocked when viewing the footage to see McDonald scooping some poop from the child’s diaper with her finger and then putting it in the child’s IV tube.


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6 responses to “Munchausen Fail

  1. Fairy Face

    I know someone here who has this I’m sure. She has had over 100 hospital visits for her three sons 2 , 4 and 7. Both parents are physiotherapists but these three kids have had more ailments than you can poke a stick at. She delight in weekly or daily visits sometimse for check ups and other appointments. She lives nowhere near the hospital thus has to park , pay and wait.
    When she receives reports she tells the kids that they should be dead already according to the doctors. I’m waiting for someone asking “WHY SO MANY SICKNESSES AND WHY SO MANY APPONTMENTS????? Seems unreal to me. The two year old had his tonsils out due to continued throat infections. He used to such a blanket which was putrid EWH. I think anyone would get a strep throat from it. Still… out came the tonsils!!. I thought these days they persevered till they got to about 10. Apparently not :o(

  2. Just kill the mother by the same way she was trying to kill her child.

  3. Maybe with 20 years worth of free-time she’ll be able to ‘refine’ a few of her recipes a bit…

  4. megagetoverit

    Sick bitch…kill her…thee mother that is…next

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