Serial Killer Alert

No need to panic people of New York, but you may just have a serial killer lurking about. Body number 6,7 and 8 have just been discovered on a remote beach near New York City. Police fear the murderer is selecting his victims from “personal” ads on internet sites like Craigslist (the serial killer site of choice!). All are believed to be prostitutes. The first set of fives bodies were discovered in December 2010 after police scoured the area looking for missing sex worker Shannon Gilbert. She was thought to have been in the area to meet a client but the alarm was raised after a woman, fitting her description, came to the door of a house in a gated community begging for help but fled when the occupant tried to ring police. A short time later a man drove past the house asking about the woman but then sped off. None of the bodies found have been identified as Shannon Gilbert.


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4 responses to “Serial Killer Alert

  1. desk49

    Dam not fair all they were trying to do was make a living.
    Why do people have to go around killing people.
    Hell just force them to get married.

  2. hookers should really have a union to deal with these ongoing “stabby” workplace issues.

  3. Amy

    This sounds horrible. I’m wearing my “Be Nice to Sex Workers” tank top tonight in an effort to improve this situation. (Yes… I do have a shirt that says that. I won it playing topless poker using condoms as ‘chips’ to support a charity. Every bit of what I just said is the truth. Don’t tell me mother!)

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