Well That’s Spooky

OK Sherlock, please explain the shadowy blob that featured in a live news report? Hmm, yes, well, it could have been a ghost!!!!


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9 responses to “Well That’s Spooky

  1. Oh, sure, it’s an insect! I think this video is proof positive that the old question of why did the ghost cross the road, is in fact based on fact and not hearsay.


    A fly on the lens…too stupid for more words…..next

  3. desk49

    I guess you could say it was bugging people.
    Wate why did a bug want to cross the road?
    Big Foot.

  4. Forget the bug… what’s that friggin’ eerie circle of light that follows the critters every movement?! OTHER WORLDLY!
    *dun dun dun*!!!

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