Nuclear Sub Shooting

You know what I hate? When a fights breaks out over a toilet on a nuclear submarine  so a serviceman pulls out a gun and begins shooting. I really friggin hate that (especially on a nuclear sub). Everything was going just dandy on the HMS Astute until able Seaman Ryan Donovan allegedly desperately needed to go to the toilet. Unfortunately he was ordered to let a visitor go first.Hmm, in hindsight not very smart. The sailor grabbed a SA80 assault rifle and shot dead a Royal Navy service person and left another injured.It is also being reported that Donovan didn’t want to go back to sea and begged to be allowed shore leave.

Want sauce with that?


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14 responses to “Nuclear Sub Shooting

  1. Steve’s comments have been removed to the septic tank 🙂 Enjoy your knitting!

  2. nato

    Scary stuff this ! This ‘hunter-killer’ sub is definitely cursed ! I don’t want to speculate about it’s hunting abilities … but it is now definitely a ‘killer’ !
    Telling a bloke to wait when he has to very urgently use the loo is poor judgement indeed ! People truly get pissed off … and this is understandable. Just imagine having an upset stomach or a full bladder and you got to make way for one of these self-styled “VIP” visitors !
    Guess that this is also what happens when you have lads in confined spaces taking risks every day and have resources crunch, job loss, extended work-load, etc., Time the politicians took responsibility for the increased stress levels induced by the wide-ranging and very deep level of UK MOD spending cuts (some of which were definitely required).

  3. desk49

    So where did he get a Sa80 and the bullets?
    Who did his last sik test?
    Is there only one toilet on a sub?
    Questions questions questions.

  4. I go postal when there is no toilet paper.

  5. Damn, I was enjoying your little ‘spat’ with Steve

    [Was going to pitch in and stir things up a bit more but decided on an early night (fell asleep on the sofa) instead] 😳

  6. People often underestimate the homicidal urge triggered by a thwarted attempt to relieve oneself.

    I had to go for some scans a while back. This required me to drink about 4 gallons of water so the scan could be taken with a full bladder, then a second lot of scans after I’d emptied it.

    I had an appointment but of course the hospital was running late. There were 1/2 doz of us in the waiting room all desperate for a pee but trying to hold off until we had our scan. By the time my name was called I was in a sweat from the effort of trying to hang on. After the 1st lot of scans the nurse told me to nip to the loo, have a piss, then return for the 2nd lot of scans.

    I almost ran to the loo, only to be pipped at the post by some auld codger who nipped in ahead of me. He’ll be out in a minute I thought as I jigged on the spot. Ten minutes later, the nurse came out to see what was taking me so long. By that time I was almost in tears, my cock gripped tightly with one hand while I banged on the door with the other. Fortunately the nurse redirected me to another toilet and I sprinted in the direction she indicated – still clutching my cock.

    In hindsight, I realised I was partly to blame for the situation I found myself in – banging on the door and screaming ‘come out, ya f*cker’ had clearly had the opposite effect to that I had intended. The auld bugger was too shit scared to come out !!!

    Sometimes I say things without thinking through the consequences 😳

    • Blahahaahaha Duncan, I would have you pegged as a man who would have just pissed on the floor 🙂 They had a sink didn’t they?


        A sink? I did see that on Big Brother one day when one of the contestants pissed in the sink…Now, about this sailor. He could have pissed his pants and be done with…infact, if he quitly went about his business and pissed his pants all the time they would give him permenant shore leave….next


    Could you sink a sub by constantly pissing in it? Food for thought….BhuRP…

  8. trevoir

    Some years ago a friend of mine in the RN returned from the fast east after 10 months.He was met by his girlfriend and family at Plymouth,they celebrated,on leaving the club they were met by the RP who insulted and harrassed him for no reason other than he was having a good time (noisy perhaps) He approached them and courtesely asked them to refrain from their aggressive behaviour. After a few words they bundled him into the back of the patrol car and took him to the RP HQ. The officer in charge listened to his complaints and decide not to persue the matter.My friend asked that a report be sent to his captain and the matter sorted out as he and indeed his colleagues were sick and tired of this treament.The report duly arrived the captain sentenceded him to 30 days without leave or pay plus 14 days extra duties without listening to a word my friend had to say.
    No wonder Ryan Donovan went bang ..6 times oink oink

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