Fruit Gushers Review

Can I  really believe this kid,  he’s kinda chubby and he hasn’t made his bed!


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14 responses to “Fruit Gushers Review

  1. I find it hard to belive he’s had those before and truly disturbed there are only 6 in a box when clearly that wasn’t a box he opened.

  2. Fairy Face

    I find it hard to beleive that his mother doesn’t keep him off sweets. He’s a tad too chubby and this alone will hamper the things that he should be enjoying as a kid. Obesity in children here in Oz is on the rise too. Too many kids on their computers all day. No fresh air and sunshine anymore. We used to love getting out to play with the other local kids.


      Hmmmm…this explains the weight I have gained (from 75kg to 88kg) since discovering the Friggin Loon Blog….Thank you for that enlightenment Fairy Face….Are you also fat Fairy? Hmmm….next.

  3. Would you believe he was a real kid if he had made his bed?

  4. Welcome to Childhood Morbid Obesity Town. Population, this kid.

  5. This is my fave. Diet Coke review blahahahahahahaa

  6. hahaha this kid is cracking me up, I love how he smells it like it’s an aged Shiraz…He also hates can pull rings…even the lowest level of incidental exercise is a nuisance to him.

    The lamest will have to feature this little lardball soon. Thanks for the heads up loon 🙂

  7. Fairy Face

    Actually I was thinking how tidy his room looked. My kids had crap all over my walls at that age. Still, they were also quite trim.

  8. Well, who are you going to trust to give you a food review? Some skinny little kids who looks like he’s never had a doughnut in his life, or a chubby little fat round who’s tried everything from urinal cakes to nutella? Frankly, I’m trusting the fat round. And those fruit gushers look good!

    I wonder if we can get him to critique fried chicken from KFC and Popeyes and settle that issue once and for all.

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