Justice Served

RIP Darcey.

Bravo, at last, a real sentence to fit the crime in Australia . Arthur Freeman has been given a life sentence with a non parole period of 32 years for throwing his 4 year old daughter Darcey from the Westgate Bridge in 2009. Judge Coghlan in handing down the sentence said “You did what you did, you are responsible for it, and nobody else is.” Minutes before he took his little girl from the car and threw her from the bridge Mr Freeman rang his ex wife and told her “say goodbye to your children” Darcey’s brother witnessed the murder and begged his dad to turn back because “Darcey can’t swim,”.

Want sauce with that?


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20 responses to “Justice Served


    He better put a plug in his butt hole cause where he is going there are a lot of straight dude criminal fathers such as rapists, murderers, thieves and violent fruitcakes wanting a piece of his arse…They would be so upset by the horrible act commited by this loser….or just another excuse to act out their sick fantasies…Either way….Justice done.

  2. michellefrommadison

    You are assuming he is actually guilty of the crime, which has proven not to be the case in most cases.

  3. michellefrommadison

    Admissions are falible and so is witness testimony. Unfortunately.

  4. Sorry michellefrommadison I can’t tell if you are trolling or trying to be a hyper-liberal jerk for a cheap laugh. Either way, not cool.

    This one happened in my home town and I can tell you, at peak hour in the morning when this happened there would’ve been 100’s of witnesses to this crime. I think that’s good enough for the courts to make a fair and balanced judgement.

    If you are trying to argue about the courts appraisal of his his mental state then that’s completely different and you should make a clear distinction as apposed to wide sweeping statements like “Court decisions are wrong more often than many believe. Fact!!! ”

    Either way he is guilty and will serve a suitable amount of time behind bars for his abhorrent crime.

    • michellefrommadison

      Facts still prove you to be incorrect. Sorry, look it up. 😦

      • Fairy Face

        It’s her mental state I worry about. Most of her posts are negative and as usual I think she just posts just to get a reaction. She’s probably a guy as well. You are clueless!!!

  5. michellefrommadison

    I agree that you may be clue-less. However, I still stay with the facts as the preponderance of the evidence. 🙂

  6. The sentence is in no way long or harsh enough.
    He is not sick, he is a self centered narcissistic who threw his little girl to her death to get even with his ex.
    His needs were more important to him than anything else.
    Think of that little girl looking at him, loving him, trusting him as he killed her.
    Think of her thoughts as she fell to her death.
    Think of his son who saw this and begged his daddy to get her because she could not swim.
    This man is a sub-human.
    He will not be ‘fixed’ in any prison.
    He does not deserve understanding, patience, or caring rehabilitation.
    He killed his daughter and did irreparable harm to the other children and his ex.

  7. desk49

    michellefrommadison or Steve which ever you go by:
    If I could, I would throw you from the bridge with your arms and legs tied so you could not swim and after you died ask you how you feel.

  8. Fairy Face

    No, he’s still alive and I have a problem with that alone. Just watch the news if you’re in Oz because it won’t be long before he’s attempting suicide . Let’s hope the prison turns a blind eye. I’d say it will be sooner than later. Australia’s judicial system did get it wrong as he’s allowed to seek parole after 32 years but it should have been “NEVER TO BE RELEASED”. Don’t worry I feel it’s just a matter of time.

  9. Okay, so this is friggin aweful about the girl Friggen Loon.

    I just cannot fathom anybody doing this.

    Sad 😦

  10. Fairy Face

    I was watching it on TV last night and they read out part of the mother’s impact statement and she claims that she still feels her little girl’s hand in her hand. How sad is that? The fact that he still shows no remorse speaks volumes about how bitter a man he must be. How can you kill your child and still after almost three years never say you’re sorry for what you did? Forget about how much he hates his ex or his inlaws. Everytime I see her little face I well up.
    It was the same with the animal who killed little Daniel Valerio. Before he finally killed that child he broke his collar bone and sought no medical help. The bones healed by themselves but what kind of pain must that little boy have endured? He’d kick him in the groin , blackened his eyes, bruises everywhere and yet this de facto step dad only got 20 years. Apparently the abuse had been going on for some time. The real moher used to leave notes for the defacto abot how ‘NAUGHTY’ Daniel had been and he was to deal with him accordingly. He was only a baby really. The killer got married in jail and is now out walking among us. Now that’s the one they got wrong!!

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