Underage Drinking

Hello, taxi?

OK, here’s the thing employee of Applebees, please don’t serve an alcoholic margarita mix as part of a kids meal because inevitably a 15 month old boy is going to drink it, get drunk, be rushed to hospital and cause an investigation in which you will probably lose your job. Taylor Dill-Reese thought her son was sipping on apple juice at an Applebee’s in Michigan but when he started acting strangely she had a whiff and discovered it was a margarita. It’s believed the child had a blood alcohol reading of .10 . An investigation is currently underway.

Psst No one at the table had ordered an alcoholic drink in case you were wondering it was a mix up.


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4 responses to “Underage Drinking

  1. Luckily the kid didn’t try to drive himself to the hospital.


    Nice to see he is not a mental retard violent drunk….poor little snowflake…lol

  3. I am guessing some waiter is now unemployed?

  4. Fairy Face

    I don’t know about other countries but a dill in OZ means an idiot.
    Maybe she should have had a whiff before she gave it to him. Poor kid!

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