Anyone Seen Julian Assange Lately?

Hmm, I hope he’s OK, haven’t seen him around the news headlines of late.


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8 responses to “Anyone Seen Julian Assange Lately?

  1. Apparently he’s going to saturate mass media soon as the new face for “Just for Men” and also as the face of prostate cancer awareness in the “Dicky leaks” awareness campaign.


    He was inside my TV last night talking about “The War You Don’t See”…. It left me thinking what a bunch of bad bastards the war instigators are. The warmonger list include G W Bush, T Blair and of more recent B Obama who approved US $780 Billion to continue the wars he so promised to put a stop to. The in bedded news reporters, all 700 of them, strategically placed by the military reported nothing but lies to manipulate the reality. Fox News and CBS being totally controlled propaganda stations putting out nothing but plain unadulterated bullshit to the masses. Thousands of civilians where murdered by our forces without any rime or reason. The Yankee military being stupid over excited little boys who took great joy at unleashing their fire power on anything that moved or looked as if it was alive…. they where even shooting at their own in bedded reporters as if the whole thing was a PC3 game…..Oh… I did see Julian shopping at K Mart the other day…He was buying a new cordless mouse for his puter….

  3. Lord of the Dance ?


  4. Keeps him out of jail.

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