Can I Take The Rest Of The Day Off?

How sad is this, an elderly man from Colorado Springs rang 911 to report a suicide then asked the dispatcher to “hold your ears” before pulling the trigger. When police rushed to the man’s home they found his body along with several notes listing funeral and property arrangements. I’m kinda feeling sorry for the dispatcher.


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5 responses to “Can I Take The Rest Of The Day Off?

  1. Fairy Face

    Tragic, poor man.

  2. desk49

    Tho in his final hour
    did he not cry out
    for someone to be there
    with him
    Not to share the pain
    Only to let himself know
    He was not alone

  3. I don’t understand this and hope I never do.

  4. Yeah, I’d say the Dispatcher should have a day off after that one. Although, sometimes it’s easier to bury yourself in work to distract yourself from thinking about stuff like this. So maybe work would be better. I know if this happened to me and I got the rest of the day off, I’d just go get a fifth of something nasty and drink until I blacked out. Frankly, staying at work would probably be healthier.

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