Rajini Narayan Walks Free


Rajini Narayan has been given a suspended 6 year sentence for killing her cheating husband by setting fire to his genitals. Justice John Sulan said the killing was due to “momentary” anger and “muddled” thinking, and that Narayan was truly remorseful for her actions. She claimed her husband had physically and verbally abused her for 22 years and that  her intention was to “circumcise and purify” her husband.

Psst This is the third battered wife to walk free for killing their spouse in the last seven years.


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13 responses to “Rajini Narayan Walks Free

  1. pablodee

    A cold blooded murder walks free …again.

  2. Fairy Face

    Sorry but she could have left the cheating SOB. Oh but she didn’t want the inconvenience of him coming after her so just kill him. Set fire to his tackle and cleanse him!!!!!!! Give us a break she should be in jail. Muddled friggin thinking, what next?

  3. Sounds like a potentially interesting specimen for the museum above…

  4. Ali

    Yes, she did something wrong. But no, she is not a cold-blooded murderer. No, she could not have left him, she would have tried before. Unless you are in her shoes, you would not understand Stockholm Syndrome – she was bonded to him. Why? Because there was no way out. That’s what humans beings do – make excuses, live in denial and find the best in the abuser. Ask any victim of child sexual abuse or parental abuse – they still feel loyal and drawn to the abuser, all the while unable to fight the cruelty and torture. I don’t think she would have stayed gone anyway – he was too powerful and she had virtually no support. (I know what it’s like, and I have support. But the pressure from certain quarters of family and friends is overwhelming. When I tell them that the kids or I will sue them if we suffer harm, and they say, don’t be ridiculous. Really? You obviously haven’t been tortured.)

    Eventually, these victims’ minds are weakened to the point that they are unable to leave (read about political torture – it’s the same. Some victims there have snapped too and done horrific things that they regretted.) Murderers hate. She didn’t hate him – she loved him too much, to her detriment. Her kids are now cheering her on. They are so relieved.

  5. Fairy Face

    Oh puuuuulease spare us the sermon. She loves him so much she burned his tackle. No … she COULD have left him and there IS support. She’s where she’s supposed to be, locked up away from society.

    • Ali

      His tackle actually wasn’t burnt. And neither was it her intention to do it.

      No, she couldn’t have left him. You don’t get it, do you? You obviously haven’t tried leaving an oppressor. No, she never could have, which is why she never planned to.

      She’s not locked up at all. She is free, which is great for all the people that love her and receive her love as well. Never met a kinder soul. I think if anyone else had been in her position, they would have long ago got physical in self-defense (which she never once did – never even spoke one bad word about him), then get arrested, then have trouble getting people to believe them, just like there are those who don’t believe her now. I know of some who left and are dead. Not that they were alive when they were still in. Tell someone? Nah, they will say, spare me the sermon…

      • Fairy Face

        Yep you’re right I got that wrong it should read , she’s not where’s she’s supposed to be, locked up and away fom society. She SHOULD be locked up for murdering someone. Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not commit adultery. Well they both got it wrong only she’s still here and he’s not. Sorry no sob stories, she’s as bad as him. Circumcise and purify..WTF??? drag yourself into this century and get out of your caves. Maybe she’s the one who needed the balls!!!

      • sanju

        you are honest in your opinion; you have wisdom. God bless you!
        people are now full of knowledge, boastful and arrogant; but they they cant comprehend the realities of life.

  6. Ali

    Wow, some serious cognitive distortions there. Not going to get fixed with just a comment.

  7. Fairy Face

    Absolutely NO sympathy from me for killing someone. Live with it !!!!

  8. Ali

    Don’t think she is looking for sympathy from anyone, she knows most aren’t capable of giving it anyway! The judge, having the brain cells to know that violence committed by a cornered animal is different from violence committed by an attacking predator, although both may be found guilty, sympathized – that’s all that matters. Now she’s free – live with it!!!!

  9. Fairy Face

    She hasn’t met the Big Guy yet!! She won’t get off scott free from him. You cave dwellers think it’s ok to kill someone well guess what, it’s not. We have choices and don’t give me any shit about her having none. We all have choices and when you make the wrong choice, there are consequences. One day she will pay , make no mistake about it. It’ s one of the commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Karma also has a way of getting you back, it’s just a matter of time.

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