Family Sue School Over Offensive Tee

Dad doesn't hate anyone

Oh for crying out loud, a family is suing a school in Cincinnati for $1 million after they banned their daughter from wearing a t-shirt at high school proclaiming “god hates whores” and “repent or burn in hell”. Orlando Bethel and his wife Glynis are serial suers and have an extensive history of taking legal action against schools. Yes loons, papa is a brimstone and fire preacher like our good friend Fred Phelps. They are claiming their freedom of speech and religious rights have been violated.

Want sauce with that?


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10 responses to “Family Sue School Over Offensive Tee

  1. Denny once wore a T-Shirt with a life-sized photo of a donkey penis on it. And I did it for free.

    Not really much to do with your story, I suppose.

  2. God hates whores but Jesus was BFF’s with Mary Mags the town hussy.

    God should chill out and take a leaf from his sons book of “whore tolerance”. Cracking read btw.

  3. I read in the original article (I also live in Dayton) that Zoe appeared extremely embarrassed by the whole thing. I certainly feel for her. I think she was forced to wear the damn Tee against her will. The nightly news also had a brief clip of Zoe saying “she didn’t want any trouble”. Her parents are real jerks.

  4. Probably related to the phelps phreaks.

  5. First of all Middletown is 30 miles from Cincinnati and is not Cincinnati.

    Second courts have already shown that students don’t get the full Freedom of Speech rights that real people do so I expect this to be thrown out. Isn’t there something against bearing false witness too. Guess he’ll find his fire and brimstone.

  6. Seems to me that if you can’t wear a t-shirt that says “Fuck Off” on it, why should you be able to wear a shirt like this? Wouldn’t the easiest thing be just to bane t-shirts at school with ANYTHING on them? You can imagine what the complaint would be if the band teacher showed up with a t-shirt that said “blow my horn.”

  7. Maybe if the rest of the school all wore tee shirts with:

    All us whores hate god

    ….then it would even things up a bit.

    Or maybe they could say:

    Just fuck off and grow up you mealy mouthed god botherers we’re ashamed of you for using your daughter as a means of pushing your fucking pathetic religious ideals down the throats of people with better things to occupy their time.

    …. although I suppose it would just be the fat kids that could wear that one.

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