Like The Customers Didn’t know?

Honey , sweetie, darl, that meat you are selling is past its used by date by a friggin decade! Italian police have arrested a Naples butcher after food inspectors discovered he had tampered with expiry dates on his products. Some of the meat and food he was selling was over 10 years old. Yes, you heard me, over 10 friggin years old.  Among his delights, the inspectors found worm infested meat and parasite covered pasta and biscuits . Hmm, it’s amore!


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4 responses to “Like The Customers Didn’t know?

  1. There’s probably still some good stuff in the core…
    you just have to scrape off a few ‘layers’…

  2. This could be a new trend. Retro food. The Twinkies probably taste the same.

  3. Fairy Face

    Ewh that is so gross. I feak out in Safeaway if I see a blowfly near the meat conter It’s probably landed on the meatr a million times before I arrived. . Up her in the country the blowies look like March flies.
    Maggots give me the creeps for some reason and I know they can be a good thing.

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