New Zealand Gets Tough On Internet Users

WTF? MUM!!!!!!!

Oh my, the New Zealand government is taking radical steps to curb  Copyright infringement (file sharing) on the Internet. They are planning to pass a law which allows them to cut off access to repeat offenders. Hmm, lets just say that went down like a cup of cold sick. Protesting has already begun, check out the url to the story for starters ….


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3 responses to “New Zealand Gets Tough On Internet Users

  1. they talked about the crap in Aust. It simply won’t work, anybody who is 50% net savvy will use an IP router program and continue drinking from the tasty trough of illegal entertainment.

    When will governments and big companies realise that draconian measures aren’t ever going to really work in a world where hackers will find work arounds to their “measures”.

  2. About time. I am tired of all of you stealing my shit

  3. Uh-ohs….that’s almost ALL we do at my house. 3 young adults, goin’ at it like crazy.
    …The internet filesharing, I mean.

    We pay GCI for phone, internet AND cable, even though we only use the internet connection. WE don’t even HAVE a cable box in the house, or a landline-style phone. They might have cooties. We pay for all 3 as a package because the stand-alone internet packages available up here are a JOKE, and could never keep up with our download demand speeds. You COULD argue that technically we are really paying for our downloads, but even before you flame, I do admit we’re paying the wrong people – that WHORE GCI, and not the artists whose products we are so ravenous for.

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