So That’s Why A Postman Always Rings Twice

You know what I hate? When your postie poops in your yard. I really friggin hate that! A Portland homeowner was so horrified at what he was witnessing from his living room window he grabbed his camera. Don Derfler saw the postman pull down his pants and shit in his garden. That’s one nasty delivery. Postie has been suspended pending an investigation.

Psst Are you all thinking what I am?  How did he wipe his ass?


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6 responses to “So That’s Why A Postman Always Rings Twice

  1. Fairy Face

    Yeah with someone’s gas bill lol

  2. Definitely one for the “Friggin Gross” category! Both my daughter and my ex work for the USPS. I’ll ask if they carry their own t.p. 😀

  3. hopefully it was on some bills.

  4. He was just trying to go “green.” Enviromentalism is the American way.
    Happy Easter!

  5. I bet he didn’t pick up after himself, either.

  6. If it was the backend of an exotic indian meal is it considered international postage?

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