Dead Alien

No need to panic people but ahhhh, dead alien alert . Evidently the body, that looks suspiciously like something from X-files,  was discovered in Siberia shortly after a “pink and blue glowing object” crashed from the sky. Sheez, must have been some hell of a crash because the dude lost a limb! Many people had witnessed the crash and even emergency services went to investigate. Fake or hoax?


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8 responses to “Dead Alien

  1. If it’s real, why haven’t we heard of this on any legitimate news channel? Certainly it’d be easy to test with that much of a body.

  2. I told my ex not to take up flying.

  3. im starting to think that perhaps… just perhaps…anorexics arent abnormal…they are in fact…ALIENS! there you go mystery solved.

  4. Fairy Face

    But Susie do their arms break off?

  5. Eh.
    I’ve had more impressive aliens fall out of a box of cereal before.

  6. Griffin

    You mean this blog isn’t a legitimate news channel? This is where I come for my news before it gets to the television or papers. And it is much more entertaining.

  7. megagetoverit

    FAKE….Lets get real..why would you do wide pan shots of the country side when there is an alien lying on the ground…The guy in the foreground does not seem that interested either….I would be taking shots up the bloody things nostrils…geeeee……how about the little space craft? Not interesting enough for these Siberian fruits?.Fake..fake and more fake..problem solved…next

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