Might Be Shooting Blanks!

Well Amigos the Mexican government is looking into suing the ass off US gun manufacturers because they are sick and tired of the flood of weapons crossing the border.Hmm, that’s ironic, considering the amount of drugs going the other way. Evidently they have hired a law firm to look into the possibility of a civil suit and will be collecting serial numbers of gun seized to try and trace them back to US distributors and manufacturers. Good luck with that!

Want sauce with that?


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3 responses to “Might Be Shooting Blanks!

  1. Gruff Guano

    I should sue them for exporting Corona and Nachos. They respectively must account for at least three hangovers and possible coronary artery bypass surgery, in about ten years from now.

  2. Hmmm…maybe they should beef up their border security. First they have to prove that unlike drugs coming into the US, that it is US citizens smuggling the drugs and not Mexican smugglers buying them and bringing them back.

  3. I agree with Gruff Guano. They owe us for all the refried bean farts around here. Every time the office smells from a bean-fest, we should send a bill to Mexico. They should be paying for the air freshener.

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