Royal Wedding Review

Yes, the loon watched the Royal Wedding. For some reason I was captivated by Will’s bald spot, no matter how hard I tried I kept staring.  Also fascinating was Elton John’s inability to know the words to any of the hymns sang. Fergie’s kids had rather hideous hats. Chelsea got a bummer seat, plonked next to someone she air-kissed. Harry looked bored. Beckham wore his OBE medal on the wrong side. Hmm, I swear Kate choked over the word “poorer” during the “richer for poorer” spiel . Oooh and that ring looked like it wasn’t gonna fit. You twist not push Will!!!! Mommy Middleton looked like the cat who swallowed the canary while hubby just sweated profusely! Everyone got a royal welcome except for Charles and Camilla (not crowd pleasers). Poor darl must be still spitting chips she was married at a registry office!

Psst Rumors are that Kate will place her wedding bouquet on Princess Diana’s grave.


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16 responses to “Royal Wedding Review

  1. Fairy Face

    We could have been in the room together Loon lol . I thought Chelsea looked like a hooker and that dress was such a bad fit. The Queen in that canary outfit, ewh ! and Phillip had the hair colour happening. Pity they didn’t get it all off his scalp or was that cradle cap ? Eugenia and Beatrice looked like two pigs in a bag fighting their way out and you’re right, those things on their heads were dreadful. Ill fitting clothes and eyes that looked like they were gonna pop any minute. Harry had a bad hair day and for once I liked Julia Gillard’s outfit and hat.
    Catherine looked beautiful and William’s bald head not spot had me captivated as well. I also noticed Elton singing all the wrong words and that pink eye shadow was not very becoming.
    Finally what the hell were the Beckhams doing there? As usual Posh or not so posh had her arm around her hubby’s shoulder. She’s such a needy bitch. Who did she think was going to try to steal him this time? All in all I haven’t moved in five hours . I burned the savouries I put in the oven as I forgot about them. Just had tea so now heading off to bed as it will all be on TV again tomorrow.
    Phew these weddings take so much out of me!!

  2. I’m having a “not the royal wedding day’ happening here. Cancelled plan to have a couple of friends round because i’ve got a stinking cold. But fortunately, my local asian shopkeepers are open for business today so I’ve stocked up on booze and found a TV channel that’s showing episodes of Doctor Who from 10am right through to 10pm so I can avoid inadvertently seeing any of the Royal Wedding at all 😆

  3. Fairy Face

    Ah Duncan I feel worn out from just watching it. I’m glad I wasn’t invited .

  4. I enjoyed the wedding…thought the kiss was lame.
    Maybe David can wear it on any side. I dunno

  5. Pam Gittins

    Thoughts on the wedding, THE dress looked like a 1950’s throwback, Tiara may have been from Her Maj but looked like a Pound Shop reject still I suppose it was fitting for her mum’s curtains as a veil. Definitely someone should sort out those poor daughters of Fergie, what on earth was that thing on her head???? If I was Catherine’s sister I would never speak to her again after making me wear what looked a nighty with seeming no decoration at all. All together a disappointment but I had nothing better to do than watch it. P

    • Oh dear, what can one do about Fergie’s daughter? Looks and taste are a hard combination to change 😦 . I felt sorry for Prince Andrew, having to sit next to them.

  6. Sorry I showed up late. Something important happen today?

  7. I hope this doesn’t mean the ‘Royal Rogaine’ I’ve been using is ineffective.

    • Fairy Face

      LOLOL. I watched it again on the ten news just in case I’d missed anything while I blinked and Phillip nearly tipped over the coach getting into it. New stabilizers needed perhaps when Harry gets hitched. Those coaches mustn’t have seen the light of day since Charles and Diana got married. I’m impressed with Earl Spencer’s new missus. Yummy Mummy!

  8. David Beckam’s wife’s hat was hideous!

    I wonder why bald spots fascinate people so much. I remember when I was balding, people would just keep glancing at the top of my head like I had some kind of disease. 😦

  9. megagetoverit

    Depressing stuff… I wasn’t invited….Sulk…sniffle…

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