Vicar Does A Cartwheel

Was the vicar pleased that  Kate and Wills had finally said “I do” or was he just glad to see the back of the 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey?


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7 responses to “Vicar Does A Cartwheel

  1. I’m excellent at fartwheels.

  2. Lucky the vicar wore undies

  3. Fairy Face

    One thing I did think was totally unecessary were those trees. This is a beautifyl abbey that needed no soft furnighings from Kate. She should have left well alone. It has never been adorned like thsi before and i hope never again. Less is more Kate as I’m sure you’re about to find out lol.

    • Yeah FF, what was all that about? Maybe it was to block the view of the pleb guests? I couldn’t help notice poor old Chelsea got closest to the door blahahahaa

      • Fairy Face

        Loon check out the cartoon in today’s Herald Sun. I have forwarded it to you by email. I hope it comes out ok.
        A Guard is reading out the guest list and it reads “Republicans who don’t believe in the institution of marriage “you’re seated over here…. next to the gents toilets… behind the muslim guests. The drawing of Julia and her de facto is sooo funny.

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