Bieber Pelted With Eggs

Oh dear, who would dare throw eggs at poor little singing sensation Justin Bieber while performing in front his adoring Sydney fans? Well, someone did. Six of the little suckers were hurled from the crowd onto the stage as he sang. It was obviously wasn’t  a girl because they all missed. Anywho, the Bieb was unscathed but the Beliebers  ain’t happy  and have gone on the social networking sites to voice their disapproval.

Psst Sheez, he should be grateful they didn’t pelt him with emu eggs, now that would have hurt!


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12 responses to “Bieber Pelted With Eggs

  1. Now if they’d continued with bacon and hash-browns . . .

  2. Looks like he’s been prepared as he backed up his back up dancers.

  3. Best news I’ve heard in a while

    • Fairy Face

      Lisa, he’s just a kid! ! A talented ambitious little SOB but throwing eggs was very Un – Australian. We don’t do that shit over here at concerts . Just as well he’s young and agile lol.

      • Un – Australian?….pfft…your dislike of beiber being egged is “Un-Australian”

      • I agree “un-Australian” they friggin missed. Blahahahahaha, it must be someone from the Aussie cricket team!!!!!

      • Fairy Face

        Lol simple “booing” would have been symbolic enough. Since when did Australians throw eggs at concerts? If you don’t like him stay away. I don’t like his music or Britney’s or lots of other yanks but there again some people do. Chillax, he’s just a baby lol.

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  5. Sorry…
    I missed AGAIN!
    (this is getting embarrassing)
    I was STILL distracted by footage of the Royal Wedding.

  6. If life gives you eggs, make an omlette!

  7. Me

    maaate don’t diss the biebs

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