Who Were The Two Nuns At The Royal Wedding?

While the whole world was LOLing over the two atrocious hats worn by Princess Eugenie and Beatrice at the Royal wedding, some people were eyebrow raising over the two grey tunic nuns seated next to Wills and Kate during the ceremony. One in particular , the tall one wearing Reeboks, raised quite a bit of suspicion. Who were these nuns? Why did they get prime seats (especially when poor Chelsea  was near the exit)?  Were they “ninja nuns” or undercover MI5 agents? So many questions so few answers.

Psst All I can safely say is they weren’t friggin fashion police!

Nun or ninja?


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10 responses to “Who Were The Two Nuns At The Royal Wedding?

  1. Okay, they weren’t my ex. I can tell by the fact they’re even let close to the preppy couple.

  2. They belong to the Royal order of St Catherine Function over Fashion. Or wait Catherine would be fashion over function.

  3. hahhaa i thought that too…just odd pair right near the royal couple..

    maybe they are old ninjas like the little old lady from Madagascar…id want her on my side too

  4. With all of the religious attire being worn I didn’t think they seemed out of place. I remember thinking out loud, “Anglicans have nuns.”?

  5. So my disguise DID work.
    I was afraid I hadn’t pulled it off.

  6. Valerie Clifton

    The two nuns belong to the Community of Sisters of the Church, an Anglican community founded in England in 1870s. Apart from taking the vows of poverty, chastity & obedience, they devote themselves to working (practically) in city parishes for those marginalised in society to give them dignity. They offer counselling (the majority of nuns enter the order later in life & have therefore had experience of life in the community). They also provide Retreats. They believe in active help, as well as prayer . They believe in Reconciliation and Redemption for all God’s creatures. Hope this is helpful. The Reeboks are a sign of the ladies’ practicality:) I believe the order was also introduced to the Pope when he visited the Abbey.

  7. RZ

    Thank you Valerie- great information- I was really curious!

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