Were The Royal Family Informed?

Color me cynical but I did raise an eyebrow when the Royal Family announced that Prince William would be delaying his honeymoon. I thought agents may have been worried that there was a  plot afoot to ruin his fairytale. Hmm, I’m now guessing the MI5 got wind of the US mission to bump off Osama Bin Laden and didn’t want the future King of England to be gallivanting overseas in the aftermath. Could this also be the real reason while president Obama was not invited to the Royal Wedding? Hello, what a perfect time to strike, when half the world were watching the nuptials !


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4 responses to “Were The Royal Family Informed?

  1. I didn’t see any of the wedding. I just sat vigilantly on my front porch with my cardboard shotgun waitin’ fer some drama to pop off.

  2. Wonder if Osama was watching the wedding.

    • Fairy Face

      As pictures are now coming through of Bin Ladin’s million dollar compound, all I could see was this OLD bed with an OLDISH rug and lots of blood. The place is only six years old but looks like a tip. Didn’t look all the luxurious to me.

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