Bin Laden Prankster

Oh for crying out loud, Christian Boncorps got himself in a whole lot of trouble at the John F. Kennedy International Airport a few days back claiming he was Bin Laden. When Boncorps approached the Air France ticket counter he announced he was Osama and he had a bomb in his bag. Dear god,lucky the Seal six were already in Abbottabad or he may have got himself a bullet to the left eye and a sea burial for his troubles.


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2 responses to “Bin Laden Prankster

  1. Fairy Face

    Oh those SEALS, they fly in with their choppers, land on your complex and fire a warning shot right into your eye. Good on you Ledderman or whoever it was that said it . I love your sense of humour.

  2. Crikey! Damn Americans pretending to be Islamic terrorists. I blame their education system.

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