Obviously Not The Number Of His Drycleaner

OK, the loon is somewhat intrigued about the cash and phone numbers found sewn into Osama Bin Laden’s clothing when he was kaboomed above the left eye. Was the 500 Euros and two phone numbers sewn into all his clothes or was he just wearing the same ones everyday? “Sewn in” kinda sounds permanent to me, which makes me think he was one very unhygienic  terrorist. Plus who belonged to those phone numbers and why the hell couldn’t he memorize them? Oh and let me tell you, I don’t  even want to guess as to why he had petroleum jelly on his nightstand. Sound to me like he wasn’t taking this terrorist role very seriously!


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3 responses to “Obviously Not The Number Of His Drycleaner

  1. Did his mom sew his name in his undies too?

  2. Fairy Face

    Nah, probably sewn into he one he uses when running out the door. As for the phone numbers I think there will be a few very nervous muslims out there not knowing if and when. Petroleum jelly, hmm perhaps to avoid chaffing lol. I mean it has lots of work to do as he has four of them, wives that is . I wonder where the rest of them live?

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