Furry Animal Robs Bank

Attention good people of Sweden if you happen across a very fit  man dressed in a large furry monkey/bear outfit the police may want a word.Seems he is wanted in connection with a bank robbery.  He was last seen running through the shopping center with security guards in hot pursuit.It is unclear if he got away with any money but police later found a burning car near the crime scene. Hmm and here I thought Swedes had no sense of humor!


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7 responses to “Furry Animal Robs Bank

  1. Well, at least the robber wasn’t looking like a Muslim!
    Can monkeys fly?
    Yeah, but not the Islamic ones…HA!

  2. Fairy Face

    Sekan it could have been a Muslim Swede trying to look a bit different. One gets so tired or all those tunics and let’s face it, they’d be a hindrance for a quick getaway. Bear or monkey suit so much better.

  3. If anyone sees a monkey or bear wondering around with no fur, please inform a clothier near you.

  4. If a monkey/bear is capable of robbing a bank, I think we should be more impressed by his intelligence than upset about the theft.

  5. *whew* Glad they aren’t looking for an unfit man dressed in a large furry monkey/bear outfit. I thought I was in trouble for a minute, there.

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