This Is No Time To Change Your Mind

Silly Billy!

Houston we have a problem. Some fool tried to open the exit door of a Continental plane midair on a flight from Houston to Chicago. Witnesses say they  first spied him walking up to the front cabin saying he had to get off before he allegedly grabbed the door and tried to open it. Sheez, what’s so bad about Chicago? Anywho, he was wrestled by passengers before could Geronimo! Hmm, welcome to the “No Fly” club list mister!


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10 responses to “This Is No Time To Change Your Mind

  1. Fairy Face

    Flying over there is becoming decidedly scarier each day. I doubt if I’d ever fly again after an incident like that with a demented passenger. I hope they tied him up in a ncie WHITE snuggie Loon lol. One with sleeves that go all the way araound the back.

  2. Now Detroit I could see. Hell, I’d try to get off if I was going to Detroit. Chicago? Blues and pizza? No way, dude. He musta been crazy.

  3. Yikes! Cram that guy into an overhead bin!

  4. I’ve seen people get yelled out for just leaning on the door. I know I was yelling in my mind!

  5. Shoot, I wouldn’t allow him to get on any form of public transportation.

  6. Don’t those door have locks or something?

  7. megagetoverit

    Continental? They should have let the passanger go…bless yall….

  8. If you were sitting next to the smelly dude I was on the plane today, you might want to jump too.

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