Friggin Forehead Tattoo Fails

I don’t know loons it’s a toss up this week who has the best forehead tattoo. You decide ….

Firstly, there is Mr Robert Kennedy  from South Carolina, his tatt comes in the form of a biblical quote from Matthew 19:26 “With God All Things Are Possible. God Loves You,” and also a little disclaimer “Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid  Thank You.”  He’s facing an assault and battery charge.

or there is Jeffrey Eugene Alan Southwell , a man of few words who says it like it is, “Hard As Life”. Mr Southwell is facing an attempted murder charge after he tried to bump off his wife.

Psst I have only one word for you boys….fringe!


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10 responses to “Friggin Forehead Tattoo Fails

  1. some people take failing to a whole new stratosphere

  2. Griffin

    Both of them should have “This end up” tattooed across their arse.

  3. megagetoverit

    I have a hammer and chizzel to fix these rather distasteful tatts. It allows you to go beyond skin deep…bingo.. fixed…next

  4. My dad, who sucked at it btw, taught me one piece of advice that I still carry to this day; never, ever fight a man with a tattoo on his face.

  5. I keep all my face tattoos below my eyebrows. It’s just a thing.

  6. “Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid” The one asking for forgiveness should be the tattoo artist.

  7. I am usually a fan of body art but facial tattoos are just stupid even when they are ‘art’.
    These 2 are examples of beyond stupid.
    Here is a link to more facial tats.

  8. As evidenced by the Michelle the so-called Bombshell McGee, even when you’re hot as hell, giant tattoos on the forehead are a major fail

  9. I though facial tatts were forbidden. If so just chop of head above the neck!

  10. George

    Imagine having to permanently live with your status update. Yikes!

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