Buffalo. For Real.

Go on loons, guess what Buffalo’s new tourism slogan is? Hint, I used it in the title. Yep, for real! The slogan was developed by a team of of local advertising and marketing executives and will be used to highlight the area’s assets. Erie County Executive Chris Collins said the new campaign is “exactly what this community needs at this point in time.”


Filed under Friggin Awesome, I'm Just Saying !

7 responses to “Buffalo. For Real.

  1. You think they could have come up with a better slogan than that.

  2. I can’t believe that be my slogan: “”Our Hellhole can beat your Hellhole!”

  3. I kinda’ like it.
    For real.

  4. You filed this under “Friggen Awesome.” Is that your opinion? Because I think it’s a terrible bland, and I’m happily finding that plenty of people share that view.

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