Granny Bandit Nabbed

Oh my, heavy sigh, the alleged granny bandit has been caught! Yep, her 4 day robbery spree is over. The scarf wearing woman, believed to be in her 80’s, spent 4 days pulling a handgun on people in a Fontana shopping center car park  and taking their purses.


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8 responses to “Granny Bandit Nabbed

  1. She really shouldn’t have been in that business if it took her 4 days just to pull the gun out. Just sayin’…

  2. NANA! How could you?!

  3. i REALLY want to believe this was an actual granny.

    and she was just finally stickin it to em for all those years of purse nabbing, you know?
    finally fightin back….

    i like it.

  4. Any real thief knows you have to move on after 3 days in the same parking lot, or else those quick-witted cops might catch on to your MO.

  5. megagetoverit

    Australia in the future…our idiot Prime Minister gives jack shit about the aged population and seems happy for them to fend for themselves. Hmmm.. gotto go buy myself a hand gun…Toy hand gun…this is Australia after all.

  6. Lynn

    This will be me when I’m 80. Even if I get caught I’d get what.. free medical, dental, three hots and a cot? Sounds like the perfect retirement plan!

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