Human Magnet

A Siberian boy is claiming to be magnetic, anything and everything sticks to him…pots, pans, plates, knives, forks,remotes, you name, it  sticks. Bogdan’s parents say he was born with magnetic powers and doctors are at a loss to explain why he  so attractive. Hmm, well maybe when the 7 year old grows up he can get a job at the airport

Psst You may not know this but I have a similar affliction, except I attract psychos!


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11 responses to “Human Magnet

  1. Hhmm, I always seem to attract the homeless and destitute – the buggers cross the street to ask me for money !!!

    They seem to sense I’m a soft touch 😳

    • Fairy Face

      It must be the Celt in us Dunc as I have that problem too. I seem to attract the down and outs but looking at this kids affliction, his parents will never ever lose their car keys. Have they ever thought he maybe just “STICKY”.

  2. Wait, is it unusual for metal objects to stick to humans? Because that’s been happening to me for years.

  3. Hahaha…
    Psychos? Are you trying to tell me something, F.L.?! 🙂

  4. Wow, I’m convinced.

    And I am technically not a psycho. I’m actually Santa, and those gifts I have been leaving for you are just my way of saying boom.

  5. What Loon? You attract psychos? Thruth is you only attract old men with pace makers….sorted…next

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