Are You Sure You’re a Doctor?

OK loons, how do you know if your doctor is a fake? Hmm, well for starters, when he uses toothpicks to do acupuncture on you and then gives you  a bottle of ‘Prosperous Farmer Dietary Supplements’ that expired in 2002. The victim claims he went to the so-called Chicago clinic after seeing an advert in a Bulgarian newspaper. Hmm, the fact that there wasn’t any receptionist or patients should have been the first hint!  Then the piece de resistance , following the medical exam,  the victim paid him  $200 despite being toothpicked .

Wants sauce with that?


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7 responses to “Are You Sure You’re a Doctor?

  1. Years ago a friend on mine was in shock after she discovered the doctor who greeted her every day at a mental hospital, where her father was a patient, was in fact also a mental patient. For months he would greet her and give a run down on how her father was going and how well he was responding to treatment. It was only after a nurse came over one day and told the man to go back to his room and stop harassing the visitors did the penny drop. She said he was so convincing. I always smile thinking about that!

    • One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Medication time……

    • Fairy Face

      When granny was being assessed in the transition ward in Western Hospital there was a 48i sh year old lady always flouncing around in a beautiful nighty and fluffy slippers which I thought was unusual as this ward was for those waiting for nursing home type care. I asked the nurse who she was and what her problem was because she seemed to be able to hold a conversation quite well. The nurse said “Ya think? “. Next visit she came out in her nighty and asked me if I’d seen her tennis balls as she had lost one.
      Apparently she was an acoholic who had been so badly affected by it that she had a type of dementia. Physically she was fine but mentally……well? I bet she was a lot of fun in the nursing home she was admitted to. Lol, poor woman.

  2. Sounds like a scene out of “Crazy People” where Christopher Lloyd carried on like a psychologist even though he was actually a patient. Carried a clipboard and all.

  3. You’ve got to amuse yourself somehow if you’re stuck in the loony bin.

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