If It’s A Lawyer Does It Count?

Could have been worse

You know what I hate? When the criminal you are defending stabs you in the neck with a pencil. You know what I really hate? That he did the same thing to his previous lawyer! Joshua Monson, who is facing a murder trial, used a courtroom pencil in both stabbings. He is now waiting a mental health evaluation. Hmm,a bit late for that!


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4 responses to “If It’s A Lawyer Does It Count?

  1. I suspect they won’t give him any more pencils. Or lawyers.

  2. A mental evaluation? The judge needs one. Correct me if I’m wrong but to stab people with a court room pencils is not a sane thing to do. Evaluation done. Lock the sucker up….next. Gee… what is wrong with people?

    • Fairy Face

      I don’t think they’re allowed to bring up past cases just in case it jeopardises current charges. I mean we don’t want them to be dealt with too harshly now do we ???? MUCH!!!

  3. pencils? pencils? ❓

    Ah yes, an ancient writing implement used by primitive peoples 😉

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