Might Want To Cross Your Legs

Want to visit the $580 million 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero in New York? Hmm, I suggest you go to the toilet beforehand because there ain’t none there. Yes sirree, they spent millions on the memorial but not  a cent on loos. The nearest amenity will be at a department store around the corner. Due to lack of toilet facilities  public schools will not be able to visit the memorial. OMG and it features cascading water!!! The sound, make it stop, make it stop!!!!!!


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8 responses to “Might Want To Cross Your Legs

  1. *sigh*
    Sounds like something I would forget to include.
    And that’s NOT a compliment.

  2. Oh Dear! For those of us on Diuretics that’s not good news.

  3. Fairy Face

    Now that’s just crazy!!

  4. That’s what they get for not doing a $10 million study to determine the feasibility of the project and to compare it other tourists attractions to insure they didn’t forget something obvious like washrooms.

  5. That is so weird that they wouldn’t include a bathroom. Did they do it on purpose or was it just an afterthought?

  6. Fairy Face

    The upside is that department store should install washrooms and start charging admission like they do in Europe. Having said that take your own loo paper as they are a bit stingey with it. At one particual monestary in Poland they give you about 2 sheets of poper to which a friend of ours said ,” HAVE YOU SEEN MY BUM”.

  7. Fairy Face

    LOL that should read paper or add an extra o and you’ll have pooper.

  8. I just pissed myself laughing…what a bunch of dicks these yankee doodles are…..whhhaaaaaahhahahahah 🙂 No wonder they managed to f@%k the entire planet up. Oh… here we go again…wwhwhhhahahahahahah …..

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