La Screwed

Oh boy, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s world just got a whole lot messier with reports his DNA has been found on the clothes of the chambermaid he’s been accused of attempting to rape. Oh and by DNA I’m talking sperm! Bummer.


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3 responses to “La Screwed

  1. Fairy Face

    Oh that word SPE…. It’d next in line to scrotum vulva, vagina. Who thinks up these words? Anywho back to DSK … he’s an old deviate.
    Lock the old bastard up. No hang him but cut off his bits first. That’ll teach him to force himself on someone ever again.

    • A bit harsh is it not FF….? Oh … what a mutt he is..if only he was as generous handing out money as he was handing out his SPERM… We need a counceler for the chambermaid now do we not…poor biddy must be totally traumatised by having a man trying hold her down. What a nightmare for her. Gee… Ok… cut his bits of… next

  2. Fairy Face

    Not harsh enough mega and the bastard has shown NO remorse whatsoever. He’s more worried about his foreskin I mean his own skin . Us woman are not here soley for the purpose of men. It’s you who are here for us lol You can’t put the chambermaid on your tab either so he needs to know that.
    Did you watch Q&A last night? Very entertaining! One Jewish femisinsts was out in full force about sueing the makers of porn if woman are damaged by men who partake in the viewing of porn. Valid point I feel. There again some women view it too so it has to work both ways. Still I can’t see too many men taking action over rough or kinky sex can you?

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