Steve Irwin Envy?

I'm begging you, don't let that friggin kid near me again!!!

Are you telling fibs little boy ? A 10 year old kid allegedly dragged a 6ft alligator home after it snapped his fishing line and began chasing him. Michael Dasher claims after a confrontation with the beast  he whacked it on its back with a stick before dragging it home. His  granddad rang wildlife officers after he saw the poor thing licking it’s wounds in the front yard (the alligator that is). Dasher only suffered a few scratches on his hands and arms.

Psst OK, OK, stop worrying, the highly humiliated reptile will be released back into the river.

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One response to “Steve Irwin Envy?

  1. Alligator abuse! The kid should be charged.

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