Daughter Uses Dad As Target Practice

My bad?

Sheez, they breed them tough in Washington State. A 15 year old girl who was banned from using her cell phone responded by allegedly shooting her dad with a hunting bow. That’s what you get for taking away the phone and grounding her. Poor guy had to drive himself to the nearest neighbor with an arrow in his torso because his daughter wouldn’t let him ring for an ambulance. Hmm, Christmas may suck this year!


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8 responses to “Daughter Uses Dad As Target Practice

  1. Cell phone use is a right, not a privilege!

  2. Now there’s a girl who needs a dose of the Wednesday Addams cure for being a brat!

  3. Fairy Face

    That’s ok I loved those shows. Still do, I think they need to rerun them instead of Idol. Nothing beats a good laugh.

    • A laugh is what this world needs….thank you FF and Loon for that matter…Meantime…The thing mentioned above is not a 15 year old girl but more a demented self created monster..She is a reflection of what the future holds…Jack shit….Keep up the good loving protective discipline folks… you are training all your little bastards to be the ungrateful, selfish sick psychos you want them to be…Don’t like it? Do something about it…Don’t know what to do? Stop fu%king breeding….next

  4. Imagine how hard it would be to get into a car with a friggin arrow sticking out of your tummy?

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