Fukushima Not Typhoon Proof

Seriously folks, what the hell did Japan do or say to Mother Nature to get her so pissed? Typhoon Songda is expected to hit Japan on Monday with winds up to 216km/h (134mph). Bad news…  they’re not sure if it’s heading straight for the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant. Oh crap and if by some horrendous fate it does hit the plant, expect radioactive material to be  flying everywhere, as they haven’t finished covering the reactor buildings. In other words, it aint typhoon proof!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Japan, I'm Just Saying !

3 responses to “Fukushima Not Typhoon Proof

  1. Mother Nature seems pretty mad at all of us this year. Maybe the Mayans were right.

  2. I’m building a concrete bunker right now.

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