Bigfoot Sighting Alert

Oh for crying out loud people, can someone get a decent friggin shot of Bigfoot, I’m sick of squinting!!! The latest footage was taken by a group of very inattentive hikers who only realized they had  been walking a few feet away from something really friggin creepy when they later downloaded it onto a computer. What do you think loons, Bigfoot or some redneck taking a shortcut home? Um, the footage was taken in Spokane, Washington, which could explain a lot!

Psst Skeptics claim the big slapping sound one of the hikers makes just before Bigfoot appears was intended to cue the “beast”.


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10 responses to “Bigfoot Sighting Alert

  1. Another friggin Fake 🙄

    • Fairy Face

      If I see one more grainy shot of Bigfoot I’ll puke. For God sake follow it, run after it and get a decent shot. I see the same shot in everyone’s video. Get up close as this could earn you big bucks. Probably some redneck lost in the woods or still hiding after a war.

  2. Yep, it’s Bigfoot Loons. I know Bigfoot when I see her… Yes, Bigfoot is ……oh never mind…I would hate to think that you all thought I was crazy…. 🙂

  3. I run pretty quickly, don’t I?! 🙂

  4. I’m more concerned about what it was running from!

  5. Sure looks like a person, doesn’t it? Maybe if we left camera in the forest, bigfoot would oblige and take photos of himself.

    • ? maybe it will take a photo of its genitals on the blueberry we leave behind in the forrest for all to see on Twitter…hmmmmmm only a thought….. It would have to be a politician…. Gondoleezza Rice or Hillary Clinton? Defenitelly a female…. The bigfoot saga continues…….next

  6. Does a Bigfoot shit in the woods?

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