Exploding Clocks at IKEA

Talk about a big bang theory, someone  planted small explosives in several IKEA alarm clocks in Belgium, Netherlands and French stores AND they all went kaboom simultaneously. The booby trapped alarm clocks had small firework type devices inside them and they all went off during opening time, scaring the crap out of customers and staff.  Sheez, that would be right, they’d have to blow up the only friggin thing that you don’t have to friggin assemble!


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11 responses to “Exploding Clocks at IKEA

  1. Fairy Face

    Yeah that’s about right. The parking here at Ikea is the pits. Don’t take your trolley past the blue line. Get your car, validate your friggin parking ticket and drive the car back to your goods. WTF is that all about? Some bastard will pinch my goods before I get back. Fair dinkum, the worlds gone mad. I refuse to shop there. I bought a kitchen cabinet which ended up costing a fortune. Go here for one component and go there for another. I don’t friggin think so!! Maybe letting off explosives is a good thing for Ikea Loon, they need a bit of a shake up. Then there’s that box of balls for the kids to get lost in. Someone will pinch your kid next.

  2. We (the wife and I) waited for years until IKEA finally built a store nearby (about 20 miles away). There are acres of parking and even on a good day it might be 1/4 full. The place they built their store is in the heart of Mennonite hand-crafted furniture country. Not a smart move. Even 20 miles further in almost any direction would have improved their sales.

    They also don’t allow you to push your basket (trolley) to your car but they provide guards who will watch your stuff for you while you get your car.

  3. Love looking at their catalog, but I do feel overwhelmed when I go to the store. Too much stuff, too many choices and I’m always buying storage items that I’ve run out of space to put them in.

  4. I hate the idea that my behaviour is being manipulated when I enter an Ikea store – forced to walk a path that meanders and zig-zags backwards and forwards forcing me to pass every item in their store when I only want to go directly from A to B

    Instead, I try as far as possible to ignore the paths and take a direct route to my destination, when necessary, using the little cutouts/doors in dividing walls/partitions that the staff use as a shortcut 😆

  5. Listen it took a LOT of planning to pull of the Clock Hiest of the century! Brilliance at work! I made at least $12.99 on this Gig…next week Plucking 10 feathers from Big Bird… Wish me luck!!

  6. Yikes!
    Some deconstruction required!

  7. dude, don’t even get me started on IKEA’s shitty ass assembly instructions.

  8. Maybe the Swede’s misinterpreted the meaning of ALARM and meant for the clocks to explode? Just a thought!

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