Hating It!

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important message. McDonald’s have finally conceded their Mccoffee tastes like Mcshit. Thank you.

Want fries with that?


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10 responses to “Hating It!

  1. Blahahahahahahaha! I haven’t bought a coffee from any place in years, but I thank you very much for the heads up! 😆

  2. OMG is this the start of the Mayan thingy? Mac spew admits to selling crap?…. I hope they never get their hands on our Gloria Jeans coffee… It would be a crime to associate our coffee with the garbage food they flog.
    Gotto go now… Hungry Jacks (Burger King) are doing a breakfast special this morning. Hot pancakes with maple syrup. MMMMMMMmmm…

  3. Scott

    “…their Mccoffee tastes like Mcshit”
    Ingenious wordplay–I love it (the wordplay, not the Mccoffee)!

  4. Fairy Face

    Gee Loon where did you find that picture? She has to be Irish to be sure.

  5. My wife actually likes their coffee, although she prefers Starbucks.

  6. It’s a Mcquired taste. 🙂

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