Jesus is What?

I see, you want to play that game do you?

OK, here’s the thing MyPeace, running a billboard campaign across Sydney claiming “Jesus – A Prophet of Islam” isn’t going to win over too many Christians. The advertising campaign run by the Islamic group has raised the eyebrow of many including Bishop Poreous who said “In Australia with its Christian heritage a billboard carrying the statement `Jesus A prophet of Islam’ is provocative and offensive to Christians.” MyPeace claim they want to “encourage interfaith relations between Christians and Muslims.” But wait there’s more, the group plan to run even more controversial slogans such as “Holy Quran: the final testament,” and “Muhammad: mercy to mankind.”


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12 responses to “Jesus is What?

  1. he really dipped his fingers in many religious pies. I heard he was also a Ganesh type god in Hinduism where he had 15 beards….true story

  2. Forget the Islam bit – christians would be pissed off anyway just by the claim that Jesus was a prophet (which is a step down from being the ‘son of god’)

    Personally, I am an atheist but if jesus and Mohammed were alive today and it was a choice of which of the two to hang out with ?

    Well, the dude that can turn water into wine and hangs out with a prostitute would get my vote 😉

    • Would that be Jesus? What’s the other dude famous for? Can’t think of anything…good con maybe? hmmm I’ll be breaking my neck over this one. Or could it be broken for me after writing my thoughts? 😦

  3. I swear if I die an God is a women who doesn’t give a shit what we did down on earth as long as we didn’t deliberately hurt anyway I’m gonna be real ANGRY!

    • Fairy Face

      I’ve always said Loon all one can ask is that we be the best human being we can be. You’re not going to judged your achiements or your charitable work. He made us all with different academic standards and abilities so he is not going to kick ass over that. Being a good person is what it’s all about, not a good muslim or a good Christian,

      • God is not a he or a she. God is nature and encompasses our entire Universe as we know it. No judgement there…we attract what we think and should think positive and just love one another. The hippies of the sixties and seventies had it right. Smoke dope and roll around naked in mud to Pink Floyds “Brain Damage”…. Peace bros….

    • Pffft..yeah, like you’ve been missin’ sleep over that one.

  4. So, now the Christians will have to run an ad saying “Muhammad, follower of Christ,” and “Muhammed, the 13th apostle.” (That might make a good t-shirt). Instead of all those “12th Man” t-shirts and stickers, there will be “13th Man” t-t-shirts and stickers.

    Christians could also wear shirts with a picture of the last supper on the front, and the words “Bite Me” on the back.

  5. Oh please don’t let the Southern Baptists hear about this.

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