FIFA is a Farce

All I can say about Sepp Blatter’s FIFA re-election is, what a disgrace. With only his name on the ballot and corruption claims placing Qatar’s 2014 World Cup in jeopardy, it seems Football has reached a new low. Alleged blackmail threats, bribery allegations, money changing hands under tables hasn’t stopped Batter from retaining the top position in World Football, with not one single soul willing to contest him. Surely there must be other people wanting this role? Which makes you wonder why only his name on the ballot? Blatter had allegedly told the team bidding for England to host the 2018 World Cup that he would “only support their bid if the Falkland Islands were handed to Argentina.” True or false these allegations, the least FIFA could have done was delay the vote until all these corruption matters had been resolved. Now you have an enormous question mark hanging over the integrity of the sport and for that you should be ashamed.


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5 responses to “FIFA is a Farce

  1. Fairy Face

    That’s not football Loon that’s soccer.

  2. it’s just soccer. Nobody cares.

  3. Fairy Face

    Nothing like watching the Aussies play Aussie Rules. Hunky chunky most will good legs. Most sccer players have bandy legs for some reason. Those longer shorts do nothing for them either. Back to the drawing board lads!

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