Confessions of a Loon

OK people, I have to admit I too have a creature in my yard that could attract unwarranted attention by cops. He’s been living in my pond for several years now and has successfully scared away 2 postmen, 1 curious cat and and the water meter reader guy.


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10 responses to “Confessions of a Loon

  1. You should not stand naked next to the pond Loon …. problem solved…. Even the milk man will come back now. Ooops… someone is knocking on my door….. Oh my …it’s the Mormons. Cuummminnnggg coffee is on…….

  2. Julie

    AHA!! I see Loon’s entrepeneurial skills are running riot again …. growing her own handbags in her pond!

  3. Here froggy froggy froggy….here froggy froggy froggy! Don’t you just love pond creatures from the lagoon??? He’s sweet!
    Can I pet him???

  4. Fairy Face

    What else you go tin that pond Loon lol? Got any yabbies?

  5. I think I might be related to that guy…

  6. I should get something like that for my front door.

  7. Fairy Face

    Loon I rate that 2nd to buying a snuggie !

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