Princess Eugenie Admits She Had A Hunchback

Thank god surgeons fixed Princess Eugenie’s hunchback before she wore that ridiculous outfit to Kate and Will’s wedding. I’m just saying! The 6th in line to the throne was diagnosed with scoliosis after she went for a massage originally intended for Fergie. What was initially meant to be a one hour op under general anesthetic to correct the problem ended up being 7 hours with surgeons having to insert eight-inch titanium rods into each side of her spine and one and a half inch screws at the top of her neck. Ewh, ouch!


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8 responses to “Princess Eugenie Admits She Had A Hunchback

  1. I might have opted for the hunchback over all pain .

  2. Julie

    She had a hunchback … ah well, at least Mr Notre Dame didn’t die unhappy ..

  3. Oh I didn’t realize she had a back…I was far too distracted by the fantastic Hat. *where can a lady in Canada get a hat like that??*

  4. Fairy Face

    They must have tightened the screws too tight on her neck as her eyes are popping out now.

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